Happy Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingFrom me to you! I hope you have many servings of stuffing, turkey and latkes!

Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

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A Fur For Thought

The name of my blog name is also becoming my own personal nickname. I cannot say that I mind, since I do love to admire all of my fashion forward friends. Awhile back, I wrote about how I admired the cocktail dress over dress pants trend. No, I have not had a chance to test it out… yet!


I did get to try out a new trend over the Thanksgiving weekend (!!) Fur (faux) is a trend I just never seemed to get into. Last year, I noticed how fur vests were making a come back and I really loved how some of my friends would rock the vest out at bars, work and to dinner. When I was at home, I was making an impromptu thrifting trip in my mom’s closet when she comes in and asks me if I like faux fur. To my delight I asked her why, but I knew where the conversation was going. My mom purchased a faux fur vest from Cache that she didn’t think flattered her and she wanted to know if I wanted it (wee!). Of course I said yes and I also continued to take clothes from her closet including a Ralph Lauren chambray button down.

On Thanksgiving, my best friend and I ventured around rural neighborhood and had a mini photo opportunity in front of one of my favorite properties. The old Franklin Inn reminds me of Mrs. Havisham’s house in Great Expectations and I just had to take advantage of sitting in front of all the ivy and grandeur.

Thanksgiving… A Learning Experience

I must admit, I must be the only person who hated Thanksgiving growing up. Crazy, right? The days off from school and working to get some extra cash was all I cared about. BLACK FRIDAY is the national holiday in my eyes.

Well everyone, after 23 Thanksgivings, the 24th celebration will be the first I have ever been excited for. This year – I will be cooking for the first time, EVER. Sure, I may only be making Apple Pecan Stuffing (vegetarian friendly) but hey its steps in the right direction. I will be partaking in two Friendsgivings this weekend and everyone will attempting to make homemade treats. Wish us luck!

Since this is a style blog – let me tie this tangent together. One of my favorite local Philly bloggers, Chaucee of Streets and Stripes wrote an awesome post about How to look Cute and Comfy at Thanksgiving. She paired together graphic tees & silk pants (my favorite option!) and skirts, sweaters and dresses. Here is what I plan/wish to wear next week when I’m home at the Jersey Shore with my parents for Thanksgiving!