Ballerine Supreme with Lancôme


Lancôme was one of the first luxury beauty brands that I really fell in love with. I’d save up my allowance to get one of their Juicy Tubes and man was it glorious. Since then I have always loved their ad campaigns and seeing who the new “face” was each New Year. This year, Lily Collins is that face and her ads popped up on the internet towards the end of December.

The first collection from the beauty brand is French Ballerine, where Lily looks absolutely perfect in a light pink dress and a spitting image of Audrey Hepburn. The new makeup collection will be available at Sephora in January 2014 and I’m trying to snag the fuchsia nail polish! PS – I’m so down to seeing more of Lily on the red carpet and those brows! To die for.

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Kiehl’s Wants to Take Care of Your Mind & Body


On Thursday evening, Kiehl’s will be hosting their “Wellness through the Holiday Season” event designed to keep shoppers relaxed and conscious of making healthy choices during the holiday season. Local nutritionist Beryl Krinsky will present easy ways to forget fatigue, de-stress and how to say no to that extra serving of Grandma’s pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

Shoppers will then be treated to aromatherapy, skin care tips and personal shopping time with the Kiehl’s staff. Any purchase of $65+ will automatically get $20 off. (I personally love their Midnight Recovery Concrete, Lip Balm and Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF!) Don’t forget to RSVP at 215-636-9936. Kiehl’s is located at 1625 Chestnut Street in The Shops at Liberty Place.

Kiehl’s Wants to Take Care of Your Mind & Body first appeared on Philly Blog Love.

Get Chic at the Indique Hair Boutique

This week was an eventful one at work with the grand opening of the Indique Hair Boutique on South Street West. The Indique Hair Boutique opened its fifth store front today with a ribbon cutting, discounts and treats for all of the consumers. Since I have made a beauty resolution to be more conscious about my hair, I figured this would be the best event for inspiration. I opted to volunteer for the opening and it was quite the turn out! The first 10 women in line received a tube of Indique hair (which is 100% natural) and one woman was outside of Indique at 6AM! She claimed that this hair was the equivalent to her boyfriend waiting for a new pair of Air Jordan’s. (And we have all seen that line outside of UBIQ on Walnut Street – this gal was SERIOUS about Indique Hair.)

style wallflower indique

Let’s all take a moment to take a peak at the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Indique, Ericka Dotson, and her OUTFIT! I was in serious love at first sight with her Tiffany Co glasses and her tailored grey pants with the polka dot booties. Her whole outfit was just awesome. Of course all of the staff and models rocked “I love Indique” apparel and Ericka had a rhinestone script t-shirt. I was not only in love with her style, but look at her hair! She seriously brought it to the opening of the Philadelphia store, just like a boss and business woman should! I wish her and the marketing team the best of luck with their move to HOTlanta on Monday.

Indique is located at 1607 South Street and is open Tuesday – Saturday.

Inspiration Station

It was a freaking New Year’s to remember. I rang in the New Year with my best gal pal, Alexandria, sequins and all for Tiesto, which be still my heart, that man is a blast! I was told that you could pick me out of the crowd by my sequined tunic, so I have officially achieved being a human disco ball (YES). The following day which turned into evening I hung out in my neighborhood celebrating another successful year of Mummer traditions on 2nd Street and I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in 2013 any other way.

I’ve been seeing a lot of inspiration and resolutions in the blogosphere lately, which got me to thinking… what am I doing to get myself ready for the New Year? Well after a few skims through my favorite blogs I have narrowed down the following areas:

Health: I’m not sure if I have announced this yet, but I will be participating in the Broad Street Run this year with Alexandria! We were able to sign up early for the BSR through Fund-Racing. I must raise $500 for the charity and of course train for this staple 10 mile run in May. Well, I hate running, but this run is on my Philadelphia bucket list of things to do, so why not? I have a special place in my heart for charities so “racing” the money will be no problem and will finally be my push to get fit and hopefully maintain a gym lifestyle. Check out this article from Refinery 29 for “Work Out Gear You’ll Actually Want To Wear”

Beauty: I have a pretty solid morning routine when it comes to my skin care. I only use moisturizer and concealer that has at least SPF 20 in it. I always carry chapstick and lip gloss according to my outfit and I make sure always carry a mint on me. 2012 was the year of embracing lipstick, liquid eyeliner, buying a makeup brush set and painting my nails weekl However in 2013 – I probably should learn how to do my hair. I was born with naturally straight hair and over time it has become a little more wavy, which I could easily curl if I ever taught myself how. I have committed to bangs and an ombre in the past, so this year I can commit to curling my hair. Thanks to how to blogs like The Beauty Department any questions that I may have, I can go to. This beauty section was also inspired by Chi City Fashion’s blog post today “Let’s Get Pretty”

Travel: Blogs similar to Because I’m Addicted by Geri Hirsch really really make me miss Los Angeles. I have been to Southern California twice now and have had a glorious time with friends exploring LA. However, I must explore other areas of the country instead of always making trips to the same cities! I would love to make a trip for my big 2-5 birthday in October – maybe Las Vegas or Miami? I’d also like to visit Arizona where my dear friend from college, Leila, now resides. I guess you could say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I also plan on visiting my friends in New York City soon as well.

Style: Ah, yes the reason why this blog was created. Of course I want to dedicate a good amount of time to this blog, learn SEO, go to more style events in Philly, but I want to incorporate more photos of trends I actually try. I’ll have to break out of my style wallflower mode sooner or later and why not share it on here?! I love my pals over at SHOPHOUSE, Streets And Stripes and Styled Out Loud – they have the best style posts and always inspire me. I’ll also have to have Ian Michael Crumm play dress up with me on occasion.

A BOLD statement

This weekend I received both new issues of Elle and Vogue in the mail and I had to notice – both cover girls are rocking a bold red lip. Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence are bringing in the holiday cheer with each November and December issues rocking rouge. Ironically, this weekend I went out with my friend M over at Style Out Loud and we got on the topic of lipstick. She said “No matter how I may feel, if you just put on a bold lip – then girl you’re all good!”

Here are two examples of how you AND I can be “berry” bold when it comes to lip color.



Favorite Fashion Links – A Recap on the Week

Just like any admirer of style, a girl has to keep up to date with all of her favorite blogs. Any time I get new interns into the office, I always make sure that they know about Google Reader, since that is what one of my past internship bosses did for me. Everyday at work I make sure that I keep up with the content that is being updated on some of my favorite national and local blogs.


The Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection I have been waiting for December 1st since I moved 1.5 blocks away from my local Target. The announcement that the CFDA was going to be releasing 24 members’ lines at Target was the jingle my pocketbook had been waiting for. MTV Style highlights their five favorite items that they feel everyone should swipe with the debut NM collection. If I didn’t already have a bicycle, I would absolutely go for the Alice + Olivia Bike that they have listed. Instead, the Band of Horses beanies are perfect for me and my best friend K.

Do French Girls Really Do Beauty Better? C’est vrai! A fun fact about getting to know me is that I come from a long lineage of French women. Though I used to stare at all of the beauty regimens my mother (French) and Abuelita (Spanish grandmother, married a frenchman) did and I thought their tedious tasks regarding their skin was way too long, they are in fact, doing it right! From my family members, to my dear friend Aude in Paris and meeting Garance Doré over the weekend, French women know what they are talking about when it comes to beauty. They have a simple elegance about how they look, they care about the piece and how it makes them feel versus the label. This article by Refinery 29 highlights three French women and their guide to beauty.

#ItList: Tech Girls I want to thank each any every one of these women who were able to launch start up tech companies and bring the world of fashion to my mobile device. Nylon Magazine online features the It Girls from Foursquare, Instagram, KickStarter, and Rent The Runway. Their jobs are inspiring and has taught me to always make sure I keep up to date on the latest tech trends that will help me with my own jobs.

New Start Up Fohr Card Aims to Bring Bloggers and Brands Together Following the last link about tech and start ups, Fohr Card is a new start up that is being launched by former Tumblr fashion director, Rich Tong, Holly Stair and James Nord. Calling all style bloggers look at this article by Fashionista and sign up for Fohr Card at their website. (There is a wait, so I would sign up now)

The Sartorialist Book Signing in Philadelphia One of the sponsors with bringing The Sartorialist and Garance to Philadelphia was The Brooklyn Circus. The company blog does a great recap of their stay in the City of Brotherly love. Photos from The Hotel Monaco, COOK and The Barnes Foundation are all show in this recap. Yours truly was given a little shout out too!

Visting Anne Klein // Philadelphia One of my favorite local bloggers, Chaucee is the editor and founder of Streets and Stripes. I was able to hear Chaucee speak at a Philly Tech Week Panel and I immediately started following all of her blogs, photos and elegant styles that highlight Philly. This week, Streets and Stripes takes you to the new Anne Klein flagship store on Walnut Street. I will be making a stop this store soon.