Ballerine Supreme with Lancôme


Lancôme was one of the first luxury beauty brands that I really fell in love with. I’d save up my allowance to get one of their Juicy Tubes and man was it glorious. Since then I have always loved their ad campaigns and seeing who the new “face” was each New Year. This year, Lily Collins is that face and her ads popped up on the internet towards the end of December.

The first collection from the beauty brand is French Ballerine, where Lily looks absolutely perfect in a light pink dress and a spitting image of Audrey Hepburn. The new makeup collection will be available at Sephora in January 2014 and I’m trying to snag the fuchsia nail polish! PS – I’m so down to seeing more of Lily on the red carpet and those brows! To die for.

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Celeb Report: Régine Chassagne

This post is an ode to Régine Chassagne, wife, musician and fellow owner of amazing sequin tunics just like me. If you didn’t know, Régine, is in the amazing Canadian band, Arcade Fire. [Flash back to the 2011 Grammy’s when everyone had no idea who the band was when they took home the Grammy for Album of the Year. However, I did – my minor pretentious moment] I am sooooooo excited that Arcade Fire is coming to Philadelphia in March, I just can’t contain myself and get this Scott won tickets from Radio 104.5! Apparently, Arcade Fire has requested that all attendees either come in formal wear or costumes so I have about 4 months to decide on the perfect outfit. Obviously, I’m going to try and recreate my girl Régine’s sequin apparel look. Thrift stores, I’m coming for you.

arcade fire 4

So Régine is French Canadian and I’m French and Canadian which means…
Arcade Fire_1

…we must be kindred spirits, right? Arcade Fire_2Since who doesn’t want a sequined blazer?! In sequins and good music, we trust.

Celeb Report: Régine Chassagne first appeared on Jade & The City

Celeb Report: AnnaSophia Robb

One of my favorite new television shows that debuted in 2013 was The Carrie Diaries. I think that the CW nailed this show on the head and staying most of the time on track with the book series. Not only are all of the characters exactly how I imagined, I love the soundtrack, clothing and most of all – AnnaSophia Robb.

Though there were some doubts whether AnnaSophia Robb could pull off playing a young Carrie Bradshaw, I don’t think we can doubt SATC author Candace Bushnell’s decision, am I right? Therefore I have given my Hulu Plus queue a little 80’s spunk and sass and began to admire AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie. I think she has been doing an awesome job, exactly how I would imagine a young Carrie Bradshaw.

AnnaSophia CW




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Celeb Report: Sandra Bullock

A few weeks ago, I was able to see a sneak preview of Gravity (thanks Klout!) and of course I am having the same reaction as everyone else in America. Sandra Bullock hits the nail on the head again in this movie. She is compelling to watch, you root for her, be sad with her and of course laugh at all of George Clooney’s jokes. I highly recommend seeing this film, it was really good. And this is coming from someone that always fell asleep during NASA themed movies in film class during high school.

I wanted to dedicate my celebrity post of the week to Sandra in honor of her new movie! Here are a few of my favorite looks of hers.

Sandra Bullock 1

Sandra Bullock 2

Sandra Bullock 3

Jonas Cuaron, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Alfonso Cuaron, David Heyman

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WILD Fashion at the 2013 VMA’s



I haven’t heard this many people talking about the VMA’s since Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech a few years ago. The RUMOR about NSYNC potentially reuniting had every girl my age and older all kinds of anxious for the hopeful performance that would remind us of how much fun it used to be counting down to watch the VMA’s. Regardless, here are a few red carpet looks that I did enjoy or almost enjoy last night.
Coco Rocha Fausto Puglisi

Coco Rocha is ready for the Fall with Fausto PuglisiEllie Goulding Brian Atwood

A little Brian Atwood never hurt anyone, unless Ellie Goulding goes to hug you.
Miriam and olivia nervo

I just have to say NERVO look stunning in their floor length gowns. A different choice for the short and sassy fun at the VMA’s but I really enjoy their red carpet looks.Selena Gomez Versace AtelierI’m not 100% sold on the sheer bustier top, Selena Gomez almost had me with this gown from Versace Atelier.

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As Long as I’ve Got My Suit & Tie


I cannot believe the day is here! The Legends of Summer Tour is hitting Philadelphia and I’ll be attending tonight’s epic event with my cousin Alixanne and my friend Kim. I remember buying these tickets back in February, still shocked that its mid-August already. Regardless, I’m ready for some fan girl screams, a night out on the town AND some sweet menswear. Justin Timberlake don’t let me down.

Here are some of my favorite Justin/Tom Ford moments

Justin Timberlake Style Wallflower

Justin Timberlake 1

Justin Timberlake 2

Justin Timberlake 3

Justin Timberlake 4

Why of course you can!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

Oh hi Bey! See you in a few weeks too.

Justin Timberlake 6

Kim might be sad that I posted this, but I love this photo.

Its no surprise that I have a large admiration for Blake Lively. So I squealed when I saw her latest cover on Lucky Magazine and Eva Chen’s first Lucky cover as Editor- In-Chief, I knew it was going to be a little slice of perfection.

Blake Lively Lucky Mag CoverLively is one of my favorite starlets to watch on the red carpet. I may not agree with all of her movie role choices (I was a little confused by the plot of the Savages. Blake you should not be treated like that!) but all of her fashion choices. Its hard to find a star that doesn’t have their own stylist and the fact that Blake can pick out her own daring outfits makes me love her that much more!

Mrs. Timberlake Goes Retro

I have got to admit, I love Jessica Biel. It may be from watching all of 7th Heaven as a child with my mom and brother, but I have always been a fan of Jessica’s. My heart broke a little the first time her at JT broke up and I was more than elated when they got back together, only to walk down the aisle a year later.

Last week as I scrolled through my feedly, I saw this article by Fashionista and Jessica Biel was starring Revlon’s “new” Fire and Ice campaign, which actually debuted in 1952 starring Dorian Leigh. Well, I do love a good history lesson and the Fire and Ice Campaign was Revlon’s campaign to introduce color pairings of lip and nail colors.


Oh.. how I wish I had known about the Fire and Ice collection back in 2010 when the company brought it back for a limited time. Though my beauty regime is growing, something I do not skimp on is painting my nails and wearing lipstick. In regards to Jessica Biel, I think she just looks absolutely stunning in this campaign and I hope that she gets to do more fashion editorial spreads soon. Did you get to see her in the January 2013 Elle Magazine? Its one of my favorites!

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Who Is Gatsby?

A lot of my ideas for content from recent events that inspire me to write. Similar to Nick Carraway’s push into writing about his dear friend Jay Gatsby, you can probably guess what I was doing and what I was watching last night at the movie theatre. Christanna and I made plans to head to North Philadelphia for a cheap movie date night to stare at the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrmann’s latest adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Of course Leo never disappoints in his movies, C and I were very excited to see all of the 1920’s outfits costumes, headpieces  and jewelry that was going to be in the film. With huge collaborators like Tiffany and Co, Prada, and Brooks Brothers contributing to our fashion flash back to the roaring 1920’s who wouldn’t want to go and see this movie. The soundtrack was also amazing and is currently on repeat, thanks to Spotify.

GG party





“Isn’t she so beautiful, she could be on the cover of Vogue!” – Jay Gatsby

carey-mulligan-cover-2_150446979408.jpg_article_singleimage“That’s so funny because she was.” – Christanna


Emilia Holly Daenerys Targaryen

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know that I have recently become a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Back in February, a little bird that always wears plaid, told me that I would really like GoT… Why would I like it though? I felt that I had dedicated enough of my mystical book character fascination to Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Twilight (unfortunately) and Lord of the Rings. However, my best friend and I decided to sit down and watch as many episodes of GoT over President’s Day weekend. I couldn’t remember who was who, except my favorite character Dragon Girl aka Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi.

I’m not going to go into a whole thing about why I like Dragon Girl, but I will go into why I love the actress Emilia Clarke. She becomes such a bad ass on the show, her costumes are elegant and beautiful, and did you know she is playing Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway? Swoon! I have found my new favorite British actress. Here are some of my favorite photos of her on the red carpet:

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

In Chanel at the Emmy Awards in September 2012

HBO's 70th Annual Golden Globes After Party

At the Golden Gloves in London. Love the dress, matching the background (not planned I’m sure)

Game Of Thrones - DVD premiere

Game of Thrones DVD launch in February 2012

Altuzarra - Front Row - Fall 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

NYFW in February 2013

amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2013 Fashion Week - Arrivals

Wearing Zac Posen, love this dress and color

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