Where is Spring, give me some J.Crew

I had really good feedback when I did my picks from the J. Crew September Style Guide, so new year, new picks! Also, it’s fitting to write about J. Crew since GIRLS come back tomorrow and Jenna Lyons makes a cameo appearance. After further ado, here are my picks from this month’s style guide.

j. crew pixie pant

I think every girl needs a strong, sturdy black legging that can double up as black pants on the weekend or for Casual Friday’s at work. I love the Pixie Pant with the leather tuxedo stripe because they just look warm and its January. Be prepared for 20 degree weather forecasts until beginning of March.

j. crew sequined sweater

I bought a sweater from J. Crew in the fall that had jewels around the neckline, so of course I’m going to pick this blue embossed floral sweater. I don’t just like it, I love it. (Sweaters forever, until its 55 degrees again).


I love a good funky patterned shirt and I would like to add this button down to my collection. Where is the 30% off sale? 🙂


[See Jade] Attempt to Get Fit


I am a New Year’s Resolutioner and it’s always about working out. I, personally, hate dislike this fact about me. I wish there was some way that I could stick to a healthy and physical work out regime week to week, but alas being healthy and working out always goes in and out of phases for me.

Last week you read my #GetGutsy blog post and I discussed how I ran the Broad Street run in 2013 and this year as I attempt to make my healthy resolution a more permanent one, I will be running in the first ever CGI Love Run in Philadelphia this March!

I am excited about this training endeavor and have spent countless hours during Christmas and New Year’s looking up novice training plans for half marathons and asking friends who are experienced distance runners for advice. I am beginning my training this week and I know I must be disciplined about sticking to my runs each week. [Sorry in advance if I fall off the social radar for a little, I’ll do my best to stay a float!]

Wish me luck, I promise to keep you posted on my training and healthy transformation.

Getting Gutsy in 2013

Getting gutsy is all about stepping outside your comfort zone to reach your goals. I’m participating in Jessica Lawlor’s #GetGutsy Essay Contest. To get involved and share your own gutsy story, check out this post for contest details.

One year ago I rang in 2013 as any 24 year old would, in Atlantic City at a loud concert and bougey night club. I had a blast and I let go of any angst that I created for myself in 2012. That’s the whole point of the New Year, am I right? Out with the old, in with the new. Little did I know, that 2013 was going to be a 12 month transition year for me and I unexpectedly got REALLY gutsy.

“The right man for you will move mountains to be with you, he won’t hide behind them.” – Mandy Hale

Let’s start from the beginning, who remembers my blog post about what dating is really like for a twenty-something in Philadelphia? I’m sure most people felt the same way about dating like I did, however no one was talking about it. So one morning, Carrying Chairs in Heels went live and thankfully it got a great response and is the #1 viewed blog post on my site to this day. On the flip side, what I wasn’t ready to admit was that I was online dating.

I knew in my head that I was ready to meet someone however working crazy hours and training for my first big run was not allowing that to ever happen. So I put myself out there on the internet and out of sheer luck the guy I thought was super cute messaged me back. After a few snow storms, my friends crashing our first date and many craft beers, Scott asked me to be his girlfriend. After 10 months, I have found my best friend, person, and number 1 supporter of everything that I do. As corny as that sounds, I just don’t care. Scott and I met at pivotal moments in our lives, I was looking for a new job/possible career switch and he was applying to doctoral programs. We knew going into our relationship that we had to be completely honest and open in communication for us to succeed in our goals and to be a part of each other’s lives. Its one of the best choices I have ever made.

Scott's MFT Graduation

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted” – David Bly

Speaking of a career change, I did get a new job in 2013. I guess all of those years working in retail came back full circle because I took a marketing position at The Shops at Liberty Place in Philadelphia. Its amazing, I love being able to plan events with non-profits, Philadelphia sports teams, signature events in the Philadelphia Collection and plan our first Tree Lighting Ceremony. I geek out that I have gotten our social media platforms to have over 1,000 followers on each AND I loved installing a new website and contracting a new provider for the company. Marketing geek? You got it. However, it was scary to leave my previous job of two years and head over to a new job where I was being trained to make all of the marketing decisions for the facility. My first week of work felt like I had been at The Shops for a month, I went right to work, voiced my opinion in meetings, took meetings on my own and executed our signature events in the summer. Its an amazing feeling to have a boss that believes in you and trusts your opinions. It was the best switch for my career growth and I’m thrilled that I was gutsy enough to take it.

Screen shot 2013-12-22 at 6.25.25 PM

“You better run all day and run all night” – Pink Floyd

I got way out of my comfort zone again in 2013 by signing up for a charity bib through Back on My Feet to run in the 2013 Broad Street Run. Me, a runner? Ha, that was a big joke for many years of my life, but at the great age of 24, I didn’t think I had anything to lose. Of course, the mental training for Broad Street Run is something that I think needs to be discussed a little bit further in health & fitness blogs. I was so nervous for the race. Even though I was going to the gym and running, everyone just kept saying to me “Don’t worry, if you run 2.5 miles, you can definitely run 10 miles.” 2.5 miles < 10 miles?! I wasn’t too sure how that was going to correlate during the race, but I nervously put together a playlist the night before Broad Street and went to the race with my friend Alexandria. Well, 10 miles later I finished! I have my Broad Street Run medal hanging in my room and it reminds me that anything is possible and that its possible for me to push myself to new levels of athleticism. I’m happy to say that in 2014 I will begin training for my first half marathon as well!

Broad Street Run 2013

2013 was a great year and I think getting gutsy worked out pretty well if I don’t say so myself.

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Style Wallflower Black Boots

Maybe I put too much pressure on myself, but this year I made it my personal shopping journey to find the perfect black riding boot. After ruining my pair of ALDO leather boots last winter (This happened on my first date with Scott, so it was worth it) I knew this year, boot season was going to be my season.

I definitely do not mind spending money on a pair on inexpensive boots to just knock around in. [I bought these from Target earlier this fall.] The flip side, I do see the monetary value in spending the money in a pair of great quality, leather boots. I’m sure many Philadelphians also agree with me, the weather has been so cold lately, I’m attempting to prepare myself for whatever the frigid temperature may be next month.

The center pair of boots you see in the fun graphic I made is the winning pair of Chinese Laundry black riding boots I purchased yesterday from Macy’s. Hopefully all of the reviews won’t let me down! Next time I will check out Nordstrom, I got a great tip about their shoe section online + free shipping both ways!

I Dream of Leather

Style Wallflower Polyvore

Two trends that I always get super excited about when the weather turns chilly is leather and graphic tees and sweaters. I seriously fell in love with this faux leather skirt that I picked up from Target last week and have been pinning away outfits that I can eventually wear out for work + play. I’m also waiting for the temperatures to get a little chillier to bust out my Zara wool coat with leather sleeves I got in DC last year. Hey, what can I say – I definitely feel better in the chillier months when it comes to my outfits.

From my graphic above I am making a wants/needs list of clothing and accessories items that I want on my iPhone. My first shoe love will always be Chuck Taylor’s & Converse, but I’d like to add cheetah printed loafers to my growing shoe collection. More embellished sweaters and graphic tees will always be a staple in my wardrobe, so I’m glad these are at my disposal at work.


Luck of the Irish

I have a habit of dressing up for every single holiday or sporting event that occurs in my path. One time I wore this amazing green and silver striped shirt to my first Eagles game out of excitement to cheer for the home team and my boss goes “It just tickles me that you get that excited about getting dressed up for sports!”

Maybe school put a lot of emphasis on “Best Dressed” when I was younger or maybe I had a lot of competition in the halls of Smithville Elementary. Regardless, everyone was dressed up for every holiday and for sports. Good thing I was at Temple U when the Phillies got into the World Series in `08 and TUMBB was hitting March Madness hard. Can you see where my love of sports is coming from? Its an excuse to buy more clothes.

Regardless, though I am not even a little bit Irish – I love St. Patrick’s Day. I even made my mom and dad put my shoes outside over night because I figured if the leprechaun were going to give everyone else candy, why couldn’t I have some. Also, my name is the color green so why wouldn’t I be excited to be decked out all day and hang out with my friends. I have to give it up to Urban Outfitters on their Instagram and Vine. In my mind they are killing it with promoting St. Patrick’s Day apparel. Yesterday I also saw MTV Style posted 5 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Manicure’s (That Don’t Suck!). How ironic since I have been plotting my own St. Patrick’s Day mani for this weekend? Its like the universe is coming together to celebrate this amazing holiday.

One day, I’ll be in Ireland for it. Until then here are some of my favorite festive items from Urban Outfitters for this weekend!

boston st pattys


butter nails

dublin the fun


Images via Urban Outfitters

This year was An Indie Holiday

On Saturday, I gave a little sneak peak to “An Indie Holiday” by my good friend, Mecca Nuri of StyledOutLoud. “An Indie Holiday” is StyledOutLoud’s first look book and video that I was honored to be a part of this project and I attempted to play model for a day.

Everyone was placed into two looks: one casual and one dressy. Mecca styled me in mixed prints for my first outfit which consisted of a full orange-red patterned skirt with a cheetah blouse, black tights and booties. My second outfit was a vintage sequined top, cut off shorts with a studded back (NEED these in my life) and red printed wedges.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of “An Indie Holiday”, enjoy!


devon and tiana

Tiana 1

tiana and pepe

rachel pepe me

I recommend watching the StyledOutVideo that was created as well! All photos were done by Blithe Photography.

Possessing the Portfolio Clutch

Goodness knows, I have many clutches and wristlets. To think, just being able to throw some cash, keys, ID and lipgloss into a tiny bag is pure genius. Alas, as my needs to carry more on my day to day, the size of my bag also increased.

During NYFW `12, New York Magazine printed an article “Spotted: Portfolio Clutches at New York Fashion Week”. As I admired the brightly colored and strapless bags I was very amused by the writer’s sentence “The bag of the season (as seen on the sidelines at Fashion Week) must be both strapless and the size of an iPad.” This stuck with me while I was roaming around the Target x Neiman Marcus collection where to my delight I found the Proenza Schouler iPad case. Instantly I fell in love with the print and lime green lining. Instead of it being exclusive to carrying around my iPad, I have used this case as a portfolio clutch. Its so awesome, it needs to be shown around town.


A Fur For Thought

The name of my blog name is also becoming my own personal nickname. I cannot say that I mind, since I do love to admire all of my fashion forward friends. Awhile back, I wrote about how I admired the cocktail dress over dress pants trend. No, I have not had a chance to test it out… yet!


I did get to try out a new trend over the Thanksgiving weekend (!!) Fur (faux) is a trend I just never seemed to get into. Last year, I noticed how fur vests were making a come back and I really loved how some of my friends would rock the vest out at bars, work and to dinner. When I was at home, I was making an impromptu thrifting trip in my mom’s closet when she comes in and asks me if I like faux fur. To my delight I asked her why, but I knew where the conversation was going. My mom purchased a faux fur vest from Cache that she didn’t think flattered her and she wanted to know if I wanted it (wee!). Of course I said yes and I also continued to take clothes from her closet including a Ralph Lauren chambray button down.

On Thanksgiving, my best friend and I ventured around rural neighborhood and had a mini photo opportunity in front of one of my favorite properties. The old Franklin Inn reminds me of Mrs. Havisham’s house in Great Expectations and I just had to take advantage of sitting in front of all the ivy and grandeur.