Beauty Gals: The LUSH Spa has arrived

Yes, my loves. LUSH took their LUSH Spa concept and decided to bring it to North America by opening two spas in New York City and Philadelphia. As someone who works closely with retail and leasing inside Center City, I am so grateful and excited that such an amazing company brought their spa vision to our city. It was HUGE to find out about this best, kept beauty secret and I was thrilled to attend the LUSH Spa event last week. We were given a tour of the facility and got to see five out of the seven treatments live.

Lush Retail

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New York's LUSH SPA

The top and bottom photos are for the Synaesthesia treatment. Customers pick one behavioral trait on the spot for how they want to feel and then each treatment is tailored to that trait.

Synaesthesia 2

The Good Hour

The photo above is of The Good Hour Treatment. A deep tissue massage in a nautical themed room with music to make you feel like you are on the high seas. Not in the photo is the most perfect antique tub, so badass.
Walnut KitchenI loved the kitchen at the LUSH Spa, all of the decor was picked from the best UK antique stores and markets, which took me back to my study abroad days in England. There is just something so simple and quaint about the decor picked for the spa, you feel like you are at home.

Images via my iPhone and LUSH USA


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