2014 Goals & Things

Dinner En Blanc


-Participate in meatless Mondays

-Cook at least 50 of the Pinterest Recipes I already have pinned

-Thank the My Fitness Pal app every day for being amazing


-Do one fitness challenge each season

-Run 300 miles over the course of one year

-Complete a half marathon (bigger post coming soon)

-Try the ballet barre method again at Pure Barre


-Stick to my fitness goals

-Call my parents a bit more (and other members of the immediate family)

-Seriously budget my finances

-Be an awesome daughterโ€ฆ

-โ€ฆAnd an even better girlfriend!

-Stick to cleaning out my closet each season and incorporate new trends each season. Gotta push my fashion sense.

-Attempt to expand my skin care, make up, and hair care routines

-Read more (Make a book club with Chaucee haha)


-Educate myself even more on marketing, social media, event planning and brand development

-Expand blog content on Jade & The City

-Attend beneficial events (work + play)

-Give 100% to all of my volunteer opportunities (Young Variety, Phi Sigma Sigma and Spruce Foundation + more)

Image from my iPhone at Dinner En Blanc 2013


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