Celeb Report: Régine Chassagne

This post is an ode to Régine Chassagne, wife, musician and fellow owner of amazing sequin tunics just like me. If you didn’t know, Régine, is in the amazing Canadian band, Arcade Fire. [Flash back to the 2011 Grammy’s when everyone had no idea who the band was when they took home the Grammy for Album of the Year. However, I did – my minor pretentious moment] I am sooooooo excited that Arcade Fire is coming to Philadelphia in March, I just can’t contain myself and get this Scott won tickets from Radio 104.5! Apparently, Arcade Fire has requested that all attendees either come in formal wear or costumes so I have about 4 months to decide on the perfect outfit. Obviously, I’m going to try and recreate my girl Régine’s sequin apparel look. Thrift stores, I’m coming for you.

arcade fire 4

So Régine is French Canadian and I’m French and Canadian which means…
Arcade Fire_1

…we must be kindred spirits, right? Arcade Fire_2Since who doesn’t want a sequined blazer?! In sequins and good music, we trust.

Celeb Report: Régine Chassagne first appeared on Jade & The City


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