Passport to Sparkle

Jade & The City Swarovski

Last week I was able to attend an exclusive dinner with the Swarovski Marketing Team of North America and eleven fabulous Philadelphia bloggers! Dinner and drinks was held at Amuse at Le Meridian in Center City and I could not have asked for a better experience. It was amazing to discuss the new branding and advertising campaigns created for Swarovski. I loved the new “Get Caught” campaign and  will definitely be “getting caught” in my new jewelry. Jade & The City Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal glass with cuff links and Nirvana Crystal Ring. Everyone at dinner was able to taste the custom cocktail created specifically for the dinner.

Jade & The City Swarovski

The beautiful Shourouk Bangle

Get Caught on a Spree

I love my new Puzzle Earrings and Small Nirvana Pendant, both featured in this Get Caught ad. To check out all of the new collections from Swarovski, head to the Get Caught Philadelphia website and learn about all of their in-store events!

Images via my iPhone and Swarovski


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