These Boots Were Made for Walking

Style Wallflower Black Boots

Maybe I put too much pressure on myself, but this year I made it my personal shopping journey to find the perfect black riding boot. After ruining my pair of ALDO leather boots last winter (This happened on my first date with Scott, so it was worth it) I knew this year, boot season was going to be my season.

I definitely do not mind spending money on a pair on inexpensive boots to just knock around in. [I bought these from Target earlier this fall.] The flip side, I do see the monetary value in spending the money in a pair of great quality, leather boots. I’m sure many Philadelphians also agree with me, the weather has been so cold lately, I’m attempting to prepare myself for whatever the frigid temperature may be next month.

The center pair of boots you see in the fun graphic I made is the winning pair of Chinese Laundry black riding boots I purchased yesterday from Macy’s. Hopefully all of the reviews won’t let me down! Next time I will check out Nordstrom, I got a great tip about their shoe section online + free shipping both ways!


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