Happy October!

fall october

September’s fashion month has come and gone – it was such a tornado too. From kicking things off with Made In America to NYFW then Rosh Hashana, The Philadelphia Collection ending with Phashion Phest and having 600 people, its been a little crazy lately for me! So crazy, that I completely missed my one year anniversary for Style Wallflower (bon anniversaire!). When I started the blog, this was just a creative outlet from work and then it turned into my own little place in the world wide web where I could really talk about the fashion I liked. The events I went to. The brands I enjoy. In return, I did create a small gathering (hi to all my readers), get invited to be a part of Philly Blog Love, become a brand ambassador and blogger for Just for KiiX and I’ll be back to blogging at work once the new Shops at Liberty website is launched. Not too shabby in one year!

Now its October! My favorite month because its my birthday month (along with my mom’s, dad’s, Scott’s, Scott’s mom and Scott’s dad’s. I know – we’re a big Libra tribe haha). Then comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s! Thank you for all of the love and support through out the year with Style Wallflower, I look forward to a new year for everyone.

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