Happy Weekend!



Who else besides me was happy that it was a 4 day work week? I felt like after the Made in America Festival last weekend, I needed a weekend from that weekend. After a Lazy Labor Day, I went into full on cooking mode for Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday evening which led to celebrating the New Year with my roommate and loved ones. Also, happy New York Fashion Week! Has anyone else realized how many holidays and major events there have been in a 4 day work week? Sheesh, onto the weekend! Tonight I’ll be heading over to Drink Philly’s Three Year Anniversary for First Friday Festival with Scott at the Arden Theatre in Olde City. I haven’t gone to a First Friday in so long, it will be lovely to see Olde City full with art lovers and free drinks! Then we’re heading to a concert at UT to finish off the evening, Off to Chestnut Hill tomorrow and Hershey Park on Sunday.

What do you have planned? I have an event for you! Head to the Rittenhouse neighborhood today around 1pm for the ABSOLUT Lunch Break at the Ten Six Club, RSVP [here].

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