Carrying Chairs in Heels Part Trois

It has been awhile since I have written a Carrying Chairs in Heels post (maybe because I wear flats all the time?! JK). However, I felt so strong about a street style photograph by The Sartorialist last week, I knew I had some typing to do.

The Sartorialist 10th St New YorkThings I observed. Her coat is awesome. Its pretty adorable that she has to be on the slightly elevated sidewalk to kiss her beau. He might be getting off work, dressed in all black, then again this on 10th St in New York, I guess everyone is wearing black to be cool? Regardless, I feel like this photo is straight out of a movie. I would get a print of it if I could.

Now onto the real topic. PDA – Public Displays of Affection. I think everyone has their own opinion on it and the safe zones are: holding hands, stealing a quick kiss and not being all over each other. Okay, that’s fine for your own moral code, but what are you thinking when you actually SEE the physical act of PDA being done. Think about that one. I always think about when I studied abroad in England and how I was such an odd ball for smiling all the time because most of the Brits are pretty stoic when it comes to showing any type of expression in public EXCEPT when they see their significant other. HOLY COW what a difference in attitude. If someone in England is in love, damn they show it off.

Do we only like for PDA moments to be captured on film, but we don’t prefer to see it in public? If we are the PDA culprits should we hope that no one sees us?! I think this will forever be the great debate amongst everyone, but I know personally everything I ever thought about my own “rules of PDA” went right out the window on my third date with my boyfriend. I was standing on 22nd and Spring Garden not wanting to leave our impromptu walk to catch a bus home and I just couldn’t help myself from stealing more than one kiss (hee hee). Regardless of how you feel about things, deep down we all enjoy a good still life of a kiss caught in action, just like the photo above.

I also think that most people can’t say they witnessed Scott Schuman and Garance Dore stealing a kiss in public either, but I can! Thanks for setting the example for me.



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