Diner En Blanc

Tonight is the night, Diner En Blanc in Philadelphia! The surprise picnic has come back to Philadelphia with 2,500 participants registered and I am thrilled to have 2 spots in this year’s event. The past monthย has been the true whirlwind with having to gather all of the white materials to participate but thankfully Urban Outfitters, H&M, Amazon, Ikea and Pier One have saved my evening. Also, countless text messages to Emily from Her Philly, saved my sanity since I ordered the wrong size table and picnic basket the first time around. Regardless, I am so excited for dinner this evening and here are a few white images to get prepped!

white 3

white decor

White dress

white dress 2

white menswear


white menswear 2

white menswear 3

Where is Diner En Blanc being held this year? Last year it was held in Logan Square, but I think it could potentially be in Rittenhouse Square or Clark Park. Maybe I’m right, maybe I am wrong, but the guessing will all be over tonight come 7pm.



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