J. Crew Amazingness

Yesterday, bigger than the debut of Lady Gaga’s new video, was the J. Crew September Style Guide that premiered on Pinterest. As a part of my routine at work, I check all of our retailers corporate social media accounts to see any product updates or current sales, to my delight J. Crew had posted their “big news” Sunday evening.

Baseball Cap J Crew

Grey Sweatshirt Oxfords

J Crew Kiss T Shirt

sparkly sweater


J Crew White Shirt


I have been seeing hints of Fall in the J. Crew window displays and through their tumblr pages, but nothing had prepared me for my fall in love moment with all of their Fall 2013 apparel. (Are you reading this mom and dad? My birthday is soon and I would love all these items!) Above are a few of my favorite pieces and all the looks become available on Wednesday, August 21st.

Images via J. Crew


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