As Long as I’ve Got My Suit & Tie


I cannot believe the day is here! The Legends of Summer Tour is hitting Philadelphia and I’ll be attending tonight’s epic event with my cousin Alixanne and my friend Kim. I remember buying these tickets back in February, still shocked that its mid-August already. Regardless, I’m ready for some fan girl screams, a night out on the town AND some sweet menswear. Justin Timberlake don’t let me down.

Here are some of my favorite Justin/Tom Ford moments

Justin Timberlake Style Wallflower

Justin Timberlake 1

Justin Timberlake 2

Justin Timberlake 3

Justin Timberlake 4

Why of course you can!

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

Oh hi Bey! See you in a few weeks too.

Justin Timberlake 6

Kim might be sad that I posted this, but I love this photo.


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