My Week with Marilyn

I may be giving the wrong title to a Michelle Williams movie, but it works for this blog post. Last week as I was scrolling around on the internet, I scrolled across the headline “Michelle Williams & Vuitton Make Campaign Magic“. Of course to pique my curiosity I clicked away since I love seeing new fashion ads, I LOVED this new campaign.

Michelle Williams Style Wallflower

Michelle Williams Style Wallflower



I think Michelle Williams looks perfect and embodies a lot of great qualities in a Fall campaign. A chic black gown, dark burgundy lips and her hair looks textured and amazing. I actually send her photo over to a friend that rocks a pixie hair cut stating that she could absolutely pull off this “longer” due. Also, the bag?! In my wildest dreams I’ll have a Louis, don’t ask me why, I have just always wanted my own LV bag.

Below is a list of some of my favorite Michelle Williams movies and TV Shows:

Images via Refinery 29


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