Mrs. Timberlake Goes Retro

I have got to admit, I love Jessica Biel. It may be from watching all of 7th Heaven as a child with my mom and brother, but I have always been a fan of Jessica’s. My heart broke a little the first time her at JT broke up and I was more than elated when they got back together, only to walk down the aisle a year later.

Last week as I scrolled through my feedly, I saw this article by Fashionista and Jessica Biel was starring Revlon’s “new” Fire and Ice campaign, which actually debuted in 1952 starring Dorian Leigh. Well, I do love a good history lesson and the Fire and Ice Campaign was Revlon’s campaign to introduce color pairings of lip and nail colors.


Oh.. how I wish I had known about the Fire and Ice collection back in 2010 when the company brought it back for a limited time. Though my beauty regime is growing, something I do not skimp on is painting my nails and wearing lipstick. In regards to Jessica Biel, I think she just looks absolutely stunning in this campaign and I hope that she gets to do more fashion editorial spreads soon. Did you get to see her in the January 2013 Elle Magazine? Its one of my favorites!

Image via Fashionista


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