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Last week, I had lunch with two friends who work in digital media and a huge portion of our conversation was “How do people access their news?” Does everyone have a social media schedule of when they check their emails, texts, blogs, tweets, vines, facebook timelines, pinterest boards, etc etc etc?! From dabbling in style writing for almost 8 months now, I need to be up to date on all of the latest trends, celeb collaborations, and events coming up in Philadelphia are to provide you my lovely readers with content.

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When do I conduct my digital media intake? Here is a break down of what I typically like to do, even though I wish I could master a schedule like Jenna Lyons of J. Crew. (Now she IS super woman).

7:00 AM: Check all emails, texts from the night before and scroll through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook notifications. (If I respond to your text message this early, I apologize. I just really like being responsive or I will forget).

8:10 AM: Riding my morning commute to work in Center City, I look back through all news articles I find on Twitter through the following outlets: HuffPostStyle, MTV Style, Refinery 29, Uwishunu, Racked Philly and then respond to any other tweets that come across my way.

9:00 AM: Its Feedly time! From the switch to Feedly from Google Reader, I have all of the blogs I read categorized so I know where I can access new blog posts each morning. This usually takes about 30 minutes of my morning, but since I open up my office every day, I consider this my time to map out new ideas.

12:00 PM, 3:00 PM: Its lunch time and break time! A quick scroll through all of my social media outlets to see any announcements or breaking news.

8:30 PM: I update my Pinterest and Tumblr accounts around this time, so then all of my social media platforms have a constant presence.

10:00 PM: The last scroll through of all my social media and then off to catch my beauty sleep.

How do you keep up to date with all of your social media platforms?


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