Carrying Chairs in Heels – Les Deux

As I said before, dating can be a tad difficult in the city of Brotherly Love. However, can you imagine what it would be like in a cross country relationship? I have one friend from college begin to date a guy she met in the middle of our senior year. Their relationship was pure bliss, international travels, hilarious stories, but the end result once we graduated was that he was moving to Los Angeles. That July, after an epic going away party, my friend was in a long distance relationship.

going the distance

Now boarding Philadelphia to Los Angeles

After an entire year of vacation days and boarding planes, I can happily say that my friend now is a resident in LA with her man. Sometimes love prevails, even 3,000 miles a part. Can many people commit to a long distance relationship right off the bat as a twenty-something? It may take a certain type of person I suppose… A grand act of chivalry as well.

Speaking of chivalry, I have another friend in a long distance relationship // One Day esque relationship with a beau of her’s. Get this, they met in a conference in Chicago, the next time they saw each other was in Philadelphia and the city of fate this year is Houston, Texas. One day at work, minding my own business and sitting on g chat, this was how the conversation went

A: So I messed up the weekends for conference and _____ Β just told me that I need to go and he can’t go to Houston without me.

SW: WHAT! Screw our fundraise, fly to Houston.

A: I don’t have enough money to go, almost at my credit card limit

SW: WTF. Just figure something out!

The next week, the convo went a little something like this

A: He said he’d pay for me to go to Houston

SW: FSLFS62$?#@%$^E$%@@&$%#GSJ

A few minutes later

SW: He has to like you. No 24 year old, straight male, that you barley talk to and only see ONCE a year will offer to front $500 for you to fly to the middle of the country

A: I can’t stop blushing

Talk about a grand act of chivalry! I am my friends biggest cheerleaders when I feel a moment of serendipity coming there way. For anyone who may believe that chivalry is just in the movies, or on the season finale of Girls, there are real life experiences that can just come out and surprise you.


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