Catching Fire, Catching Awesome

I must admit, I am super behind on The Hunger Games trend. Maybe it was due to my tween, teen and college years being devoted to loving Harry Potter. I just couldn’t get myself to start reading a new series. After suffering confusion on what was a District 12 and why did someone name their child Peeta, I have finally seen the light, literally, when it came to the Catching Fire movie posters. I am a sucker for costume design so when I was flipping through my morning reads my curiosity was peaked when I read ” Fashion Inspired by Alexander McQueen”.

Oh really now? Well you have gotten my attention!

Apparently Catching Fire’s costume designer, Trish Summerville, gave some of the CF characters costumes that could come straight off the runway. The evil Effie Trinket’s red dress is almost a spitting image of the Alexander McQueen piece that can be seen all over the internet. Apparently the white beaded gown that Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss is wearing could potentially be her wedding dress. (I’m only on Chapter 2 of The Hunger Games, so forgive me since I have no idea what is going on.) Also, I gotta give it up to the men’s wear, I am digging Peeta’s all white suit, which is something I am never a fan of. Cheers to a new book series I will attempt to tackle, at least I can look forward to seeing more of the costume design!

effie trinket

Katniss Dress



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