Luck of the Irish

I have a habit of dressing up for every single holiday or sporting event that occurs in my path. One time I wore this amazing green and silver striped shirt to my first Eagles game out of excitement to cheer for the home team and my boss goes “It just tickles me that you get that excited about getting dressed up for sports!”

Maybe school put a lot of emphasis on “Best Dressed” when I was younger or maybe I had a lot of competition in the halls of Smithville Elementary. Regardless, everyone was dressed up for every holiday and for sports. Good thing I was at Temple U when the Phillies got into the World Series in `08 and TUMBB was hitting March Madness hard. Can you see where my love of sports is coming from? Its an excuse to buy more clothes.

Regardless, though I am not even a little bit Irish – I love St. Patrick’s Day. I even made my mom and dad put my shoes outside over night because I figured if the leprechaun were going to give everyone else candy, why couldn’t I have some. Also, my name is the color green so why wouldn’t I be excited to be decked out all day and hang out with my friends. I have to give it up to Urban Outfitters on their Instagram and Vine. In my mind they are killing it with promoting St. Patrick’s Day apparel. Yesterday I also saw MTV Style posted 5 DIY St. Patrick’s Day Manicure’s (That Don’t Suck!). How ironic since I have been plotting my own St. Patrick’s Day mani for this weekend? Its like the universe is coming together to celebrate this amazing holiday.

One day, I’ll be in Ireland for it. Until then here are some of my favorite festive items from Urban Outfitters for this weekend!

boston st pattys


butter nails

dublin the fun


Images via Urban Outfitters


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