Want to go steady?

One of the brands that I fortunately get to work with at my job – is known for being the pioneers of the Varsity Jacket come back. Might I add that they make a pretty freaking awesome Varsity Jacket at that. Tailored, the finest leather, awesome color combos… what more can you ask for in a jacket?

Its also clear that the Varsity Jacket has become an American staple. Whenever I watch old movies and I see a girl get asked to go steady by her “dream boyfriend” – the reward of wearing his Varsity Jacket or Letterman sweater was just about the same thing as finding the fountain of youth. (Let’s face it – all these moments happened in the early to mid 20th Century, forgive me for my moment of geeky nostalgia).


See – doesn’t she look so happy?



Ivy League’s new what was up.


More cool kids

Happy Days

See – The Fonz and Richie Cunningham also had great style when Happy Days was on.

Our little walk down fashion lane. What are some fashion trends from the past that you love seeing in the present day? I feel a thrifting trip coming on soon for me!


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