The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Who doesn’t like a good cameo appearance, especially in a music video? This week’s rendition of Music Monday goes out to Ziggy Stardust, I mean David Bowie. Bowie recently dropped a new music video for The Stars (Are Out Tonight) with his leading lady being none other than, Tilda Swinton. Now I love me some Tilda – so I was very excited to see that she was playing house with Bowie through out the course of this video.



I clearly chose these two photos based of their matching locks and makeup.





More cameos in Stars features models: Andrej Pejic and Saskia de Brauw in a Sid & Nancy esque couple turning Bowie and Tilda’s lives upside down. Check out this photo of the video’s four stars – I have to say I love what Andrej is wearing – Can you guess who he is?

The Stars are Out

If you haven’t clicked or googled an external link regarding the music video – please head to this article by Fashionista for an entertaining summary.



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