Pretty Woman

Remember that time I wrote about how dating in Philadelphia was similar to carrying chairs in heels? How ironic is it that the last paragraph I wrote about me going out on a date (that was then crashed by my friends) turned into a courtship. Which leads me to writing this content for today.


While in the title of this post, I am referencing the movie starring Julia Roberts, I am looking for style inspiration from the opera scene. Why may you ask? I was surprised with my first trip to the Philadelphia Orchestra and though I am elated to go to my first “grown up” performance, my second thought was… “What do you wear?”

In the Golden Days, going to a _[insert performing art here]_ performance was always black tie. In the modern day, tuxedos and floor length gowns are left for the annual Galas and fancy fundraisers that only the major donors, members and Young Friends get to attend. (Someone sign me up) I searched on to find a happy medium on what to wear to the orchestra. So of course, I asked a friend who has gone to performances at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia for years.

While we both agreed that attendees still got dressed up for such performances, I was advised to go with a low key cocktail dress or potentially a vintage ensemble from the Bettie Page store in Rittenhouse. So readers, what do you think I should wear? Tweet to me using the hashtag #stylewallflower to tell me what you think I should wear to the orchestra.


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