My version of the Super Bowl: The Academy Awards

I’ll never forget this conversation I had with a guest who attended our Academy Award viewing party in 2010. This was the year that I saw every single nominated film. Oh the joys of being a college student with no bills to pay.

“Jade I feel like I’m watching ice skating while you are watching the Super Bowl”

My excitement for the Academy Awards every year was almost like a kid waiting for Christmas. I loved all the red carpet interviews, what people wore, who was going to win and how could I get a job being on the event logistics team. I may still potentially wonder all of these things leading up to red carpet season, but at least now I can execute my favorite style picks on this blog. Though Sunday night I was a little underwhelmed regarding the outfit choices… here are some of my favorites.


Jane Fonda in Versace. Thank you for showing up everyone and picking a BOLD color for the red carpet.


Jennifer Lawrence kept up many traditions with being nominated and winning the Best Actress Oscar. She looked like a complete princess in this Couture Dior gown. (Please get back together with Nicholas Hoult or let the dating Bradley Cooper rumors be true!)


Kerri Washington was one of my favorites from the Golden Globes. Though I really did enjoy her previous red carpet gown more, I love the color and details of this Miu Miu dress.


Naomi Watts just looked amazing. Versace you did a great job.


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