#MBFW A Recap

As most of you know from my excitement last week. I attended my first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on this past Friday. Determined to not be the Fashion Weak, I braced Nemo and caught my 6:30am bus up to the New York City for one of the biggest adventures of my fashion career thus far. After scooping up E at Penn Station, getting caffeine, waving down taxis with my neon gloves and bracing the precipitation, we finally got to Lincoln Center.

Lincoln Center Stylewallflower

What’s the saying? “Fake it till you make it?” Well E and I were early to meet up with the Levo League to get backstage for the Noon by Noor Show so we walked with confidence into the meeting area where the fashion elite were mixing and mingling prior to each designers show. Check out how awesome the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are on display.

Mercedes-Benz Cars Style Wallflower

Just like any good event, there is always a tech sponsor. The Samsung Galaxy lounge was decked with beaming computers, charging stations and swanky people to check email and of course update their social media.

Samsung Gallery Style Wallflower

What event wouldn’t be complete with out Mr. DJ who was hanging high above everyone else.

Mr DJ Style Wallflower

Of course the Carolina Herrera accessories that were on display – to die for.

style wallflower

Finally, the backstage fun begins! E and I met through the Levo League where E won the Fashion Week contest to spend the day with Kelly Cutrone. Leslie Zaikis was a wonderful guide through the backstage action and really wanted us to get the full experience of what a large scale produced fashion show was like. I have to give it up to everyone working BOH (back of house).

Noon By Noor Back Stage Style Wallflower

I loved this model’s dress! Here are the Noon by Noor hair and make up stations.

Noon by Noor Backstage Style Wallflower

Yes… it takes this many hands and hair curlers to get one models look completed.

Style Wallflower

Red Carpet Manicure was one of the sponsors for Noon by Noor. This is one of the first at home gel manicure kits… can I get one? This would make my weekly DIY mani become bi-weekly and clearly more awesome.

BOH Noon by Noor Style Wallflower

FOH (front of house) for Noon by Noor with the People’s Revolution team!



E and myself right before we got to meet Kelly Cutrone! (Take note – Spring 2013 trend – Black & White)
Me and Emily Style Wallflower

Nigel Barker Style Wallflower

Oh hi Nigel Barker, we meet again. (Olivia Palermo to the left)

MBFW Style Wallflower

All of the designers participating in MBFW.

Last Friday was definitely a surreal moment for my career. Fashion Week is quite the adventure especially since Mother Nature was such a factor on Friday – I survived regardless! I’ll let you know how my time with meeting my PR idol Kelly Cutrone was soon, so stay tuned.


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