Paris, Je T’Aime

I am a huge advocate of traveling abroad. This potentially has something to do with my mother’s side of the family, since all of them (including her) are from Europe or off the coast of Africa. Regardless, even as a little one, I always had the itch to travel abroad, but it wasn’t until college when L stormed through our row home door and said “We’re applying to the London program for THIS summer!” L was the bull dog of our friendship so she told me what to do and I said yes because 9 times out of 10 she was probably right.


Flash forward to my time spent in London, this was probably the first time in my life I came out of my fashion shell. Of course I would have been completely content on staying in London, nearly our entire class went to Paris for a weekend. Between missing our train, L fake crying to get us onto another train, my Dior sunglasses breaking and sitting next to a Chuck Bass look alike that I awkwardly matched with (swoon). Paris got off on the wrong designer shoe. I called my mother the next morning and said “Why is everyone so mean in your country?” She just replied “You can’t blame all of France on Paris. That is just PARIS.”

After taking a spontaneous trip to Versailles, myself and three friends found out that some Parisian girl took pity on our group of friends, who were clearly lost in Starbucks, and took them out all afternoon showing them the sights. She was even taking us out for a night on the town! Clearly, from my Versailles afternoon I was not dressed to go out anywhere in Paris, but thankfully I still went. After prancing through the Gay and Jewish quarters it was 11:30pm and we were being denied entrance into a swanky night club. Lucky for me, I noticed on our walk a huge building with the letters “LV” outside of it. I ran down the street and stared up at the Louis Vuitton HQ thinking that this must have been what heaven was like.

Louis Vutton Stye Wallflower

Then for a wilder night, my friends and I took Aude up on her offer to head to her friend’s apartment and dance the night away. Ben, the TV producer opened up his swanky apartment with gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower to 6 American students who clearly had no common sense when traveling. We had quite the memorable evening thanks to Aude, who I can gratefully say I have kept in touch with and visited in New York City from time & time again. Like most Parisians – Aude has a stunning collections of shoes and hand bags. Every time I have gone to visit her in New York City – Saks Fifth Ave has become our tradition. She’s one of my dearest friends and proof that “The best things in life are free, and the second best are very expensive.”



A terrible photo of us in Paris via 2009


Aude and Ben during our night out on the town. Check out those heels!


Myself, Aude and her brother Greg in SoHo for Thanksgiving 2009

I’ll actually get to see Aude tomorrow during Fashion Week, I’m thrilled!


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