Shop Local with Mecca Nuri

My good friend, Mecca Nuri of Styled Out Loud has recently launched the second division of her – Shop Out Loud. If anyone has been to Mecca’s quaint apartment in West Philly you know that she has an entire room full of vintage finds and clothing racks. Of course I have a few key pieces on my mind from Shop Out Loud, I’ll have to run over there!

Through weeks of social media sneak peaks – Shop Out Loud officially launched on Monday!

shop out loud

SW: How did Shop Out Loud come about?

SOL: I simply adore all things vintage; so much to the point where I became a hoarder. Thus, SHOPOutLoud was born! I wanted to share my findings with others who share the same love and appreciation for vintage as I do.

SW: What can we expect on the online store?

SOL: Online shoppers can expect to see a mix of prints, bold colors, tops, bottoms, outerwear and accessories! Menswear coming soon.


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