Carrying Chairs in Heels

chairs in heels

Flipping through editorial calendars one day at work, I looked at a regional newspaper with a feature story in July titled “Being Single in Philadelphia”. I decided to highlight the section and draw an arrow pointed to the word “Me” and hang it up next to my desk. It was not to be a daily reminder of my singledom, but as a reminder that I had something to share with the world about being the following:

  • Twenty-four
  • Single
  • Wondering the impending question “What is it about dating that makes everyone so crazy?”

I met my first love at a pop punk show at an old roller skating rink in Hammonton, NJ when I was in high school. We were inseparable, full of hope and wrote down endless amounts of music lyrics to provide a lyrical map of every moment in our relationship. We were a timeless tale, but all good things must come to an end.

My heartbreak led me to become probably the most proactive career driven social butterfly twenty-something on my college campus. Never worrying about who was going to be my next boyfriend in what fraternity or sports team, I spent four years celebrating my life with traveling abroad, jobs, awesome internships and extra-curricular activities. As long as I had good grades, a job to pick up extra cash and my friends to gallivant around with, I was set. The idea of dating was pushed aside for college. And don’t get me wrong, I had a few suitors, but the thought of being called girlfriend was not for me.

If being in a relationship is a constant topic of discussion amongst twenty-somethings how come when a relationship ends we seem to put it in a box and throw away the key? I’m guilty of it and I’m sure I can name a few of my friends who are too. Were our previous relationships just that bad or good that we feel the need to forget about the last however many months forgetting it?

Then there is the other side of the coin, some friends spend so much time in relationships or trying to find one, I wonder “Where are you? Can’t we just all hang out?” Where do you draw the line at searching for someone and just enjoy yourself?

From my two years out of college, I guess you can say I am a relationship wallflower. The good guys seem to be taken, anyone my age doesn’t see the point in being in a relationship or attempting to date, and my personal favorite I have had too many run-ins with post break up stress disorder male. Bye. Ya’ll. Good. Luck.

Will the relationship dating game ever get simpler? Probably not, but I did myself a favor and gave dating a whirl for 2013. So far I know that my friends care enough about me to crash my date turned bar crawl in Rittenhouse Square. And my date was admirable to accept the fact that my past relationships are with the friends I have made while living here. Dating and relationships may seem to be pretty confusing as a twenty-something at least it makes for some pretty interesting blog posts.


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