Fashion Steals and Deals in 2013

One evening, I was graced with an email in my inbox that made me drop everything that I was working on. Sitting there, unread, was an email from Anya Sarre. As a new style blogger, I was ecstatic to see that Anya had found Stylewallflower and asked me if she could write a guest post. I could not have typed “Yes, please!” any faster and hit send.

Anya is someone to look up to for anyone guy or gal who want to become stylist. She  is known for her impeccable eye and ability to tie any look together with the perfect accessory. Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

For your reading pleasure, Anya has given some tricks of the trade for finding fashion and getting the bang for your buck.


When trying to stay up with the latest trends in a bad economy, it can be difficult to stay within your budget and still look like you just stepped off the runway. It’s important to remember that you can still look like you’re keeping up with the latest styles without breaking the bank.

For go-to jewelry that is trendy, yet affordable, opt for online websites like H&M or Forever21. You can easily compare prices and see what items are most popular, while also reading reviews of previous buyers of a particular item. Look for chunky gold necklaces, flashy rings, and leather bracelets for 2013 in particular.

Whenever I’m on a tight budget, but want to look like a fashionista when I hit the town, I always go to for affordable makeup to get my glam on. I make sure to get false eyelashes so they enhance my features and pick out a lip color will pop — try bright red and pink hues. Popular make-up that is more expensive often uses the same ingredients like the cheaper brands; so don’t feel like you’re using a product that isn’t as good. You will still look beautiful, just paying a lower price for what you buy.

If you want to dress up your wardrobe with cute stilettos and heels, then hit up websites like that offer designer looking shoes for half the cost at websites like ShoeDazzle. The website even offers free shipping and free exchanges if you change your mind!

One of my personal favorite celeb stylists is the every beautiful Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. They offer the most trendy fabrics and styles in their clothing, and on their website, StyleMint, I can purchase all of their latest high-waisted pants, sheer blouses, and loose tees at a fraction of the cost that they normally charge. This is a great way to look for some of the latest fashion trends right off the red carpet at an affordable price. Some of my personal favorites to purchase from StyleMint include pants that I can roll up and pair with cute black heels and a casual blazer to top it off.

When looking for steals this year to bring out your inner fashionista, follow trends that include bold patterns, bright colors, and strong prints. 2013 is a year for taking chances with your wardrobe, so why not do it at an affordable price?


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