High Heeled Hopes: The Carrie Diaries

To mourn my breaking heart over the end of Gossip Girl, the CW has produced another Book Series into Television magically with The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to Sex & the City. I think I did what every other lost soul without GG did, we took a chance on AnnaSophia Robb playing the young Carrie Bradshaw. (It also may have helped that I bought The Carries Diaries off of iTunes this summer, so I already familiar with the characters and back story.)

The pilot episode was filled with big curly hair, Bradshaw sass and of course the perfect wardrobe for any 16 year old in the 1980’s. The costume designer for The Carrie Diaries, Eric Daman, won my heart over with just the right amount of neon. I mean just check out this photo of the cast below:

style wallflower the carrie diariesWill The Carrie Diaries help you fill the Gossip Girl void? It will be interesting to see how the series pans out, but for the first two episodes, I thinkΒ its going well.



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