The Obama Family Style – Inauguration 2013

I love Michelle Obama. I love her style so much, that I geeked out when my boss was asked to talk on Good Day Philadelphia about Tracy Reese dresses the morning after the First Lady rocked one at the Democratic National Convention this summer. Flash forward to last Friday morning when my father texted me saying “Michelle Obama got bangs!!! They say she is on trend this season, but it all started with you!” (Isn’t my dad such a sweet heart?)

Now a history lesson…

Regardless about how you feel about the political race, my father, a baby boomer has always told me what day it was in history since he lived through most of the 20th century and saw the changes of Civil Rights in our country. He was on the playground when JFK was shot. He was a teenager with a packed car ready to drive to Canada when the lottery was going on during Vietnam. I was 9 years old when we talked about All the President’s Men and the Watergate Scandal. I was also very confused why no one in high school had ever read To Kill A Mockingbird before since I read about it in 6th grade. I was also way too fascinated with the hippie movement and named one of my hermit crabs Woodstock. Maybe I was an early bird but my parents and grandparents have always instilled in me to learn about American history and our family’s history since my mom, only three year’s ago, became an American citizen. Yesterday watching the Second Inauguration of our first African American President on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was kind of emotional for me. To think of how my life would be so different if it was 1953 and not 2013…

Let’s Celebrate, with style!

The Obama girls rocked designs by J. Crew during the swearing in ceremony. (You can’t get more on trend and preppy then J. Crew) while Michelle wore a Thom Browne coat and dress. She rocked Cathy Waterman earrings and J. Crew shoes to match her daughters.


The Inaugural Ball, Michelle Obama went back to an old favorite, Jason Wu. Her jaw dropping and stunning custom red gown was elegant, gorgeous and embodied everything that a First Lady should be. I have nothing else to say besides, four more year’s of style!


Michelle and Barrack

Image 1 via MTV Style, Image 2 via Luke Sharrett for The New York Times



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