Fashion’s Favorite Gothic and Stunning Red Head

Its no secret that Florence Welch is a bad ass. For this week’s installment of music Monday, I just can’t seem to get out of my headphones her recent collaboration with Calvin Harris on his new single “Sweet Nothing”. Its constantly on the radio waves and if you’re trying to break it down on the dance floor more than likely you have also heard this song. Of course, when I decided to check out the video I thought to myself “You go Flo, rock on with that menswear!”

stylewallflower florence welch

The entire video which seems to follow a storyline between Florence Welch and her boyfriend (who seems to be getting into a bit of trouble) as she belts her heart out as the entertainment in a strip club. Flo’s wardrobe kind of reminds me ofΒ Pulp Fiction since John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson dawned very similar attire and got into scandalous affairs, similar to this video. The looks that Florence wears in this video are also very different than the ethereal looks I admire her in. What do you think of this video?


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