Inspiration Station

It was a freaking New Year’s to remember. I rang in the New Year with my best gal pal, Alexandria, sequins and all for Tiesto, which be still my heart, that man is a blast! I was told that you could pick me out of the crowd by my sequined tunic, so I have officially achieved being a human disco ball (YES). The following day which turned into evening I hung out in my neighborhood celebrating another successful year of Mummer traditions on 2nd Street and I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in 2013 any other way.

I’ve been seeing a lot of inspiration and resolutions in the blogosphere lately, which got me to thinking… what am I doing to get myself ready for the New Year? Well after a few skims through my favorite blogs I have narrowed down the following areas:

Health: I’m not sure if I have announced this yet, but I will be participating in the Broad Street Run this year with Alexandria! We were able to sign up early for the BSR through Fund-Racing. I must raise $500 for the charity and of course train for this staple 10 mile run in May. Well, I hate running, but this run is on my Philadelphia bucket list of things to do, so why not? I have a special place in my heart for charities so “racing” the money will be no problem and will finally be my push to get fit and hopefully maintain a gym lifestyle. Check out this article from Refinery 29 for “Work Out Gear You’ll Actually Want To Wear”

Beauty: I have a pretty solid morning routine when it comes to my skin care. I only use moisturizer and concealer that has at least SPF 20 in it. I always carry chapstick and lip gloss according to my outfit and I make sure always carry a mint on me. 2012 was the year of embracing lipstick, liquid eyeliner, buying a makeup brush set and painting my nails weekl However in 2013 – I probably should learn how to do my hair. I was born with naturally straight hair and over time it has become a little more wavy, which I could easily curl if I ever taught myself how. I have committed to bangs and an ombre in the past, so this year I can commit to curling my hair. Thanks to how to blogs like The Beauty Department any questions that I may have, I can go to. This beauty section was also inspired by Chi City Fashion’s blog post today “Let’s Get Pretty”

Travel: Blogs similar to Because I’m Addicted by Geri Hirsch really really make me miss Los Angeles. I have been to Southern California twice now and have had a glorious time with friends exploring LA. However, I must explore other areas of the country instead of always making trips to the same cities! I would love to make a trip for my big 2-5 birthday in October – maybe Las Vegas or Miami? I’d also like to visit Arizona where my dear friend from college, Leila, now resides. I guess you could say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I also plan on visiting my friends in New York City soon as well.

Style: Ah, yes the reason why this blog was created. Of course I want to dedicate a good amount of time to this blog, learn SEO, go to more style events in Philly, but I want to incorporate more photos of trends I actually try. I’ll have to break out of my style wallflower mode sooner or later and why not share it on here?! I love my pals over at SHOPHOUSE, Streets And Stripes and Styled Out Loud – they have the best style posts and always inspire me. I’ll also have to have Ian Michael Crumm play dress up with me on occasion.


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