Adieu Gossip Girl XOXO

Tonight marks the end of the Gossip Girl series. We’ve all laughed, cried and thought “What the hell” when it came to some of our favorite residents of the Upper East Side and Brooklyn. Even if you loved the show or hated it, we can all agree that the wardrobe picked for this series were amazing.

I was a late fan of the Gossip Girl series and it wasn’t until I was studying abroad in London that I read a feature on Blake Lively that really peaked my interest in style and the show…

Blake Lively was 5’10” and still wore heels!

Blake Lively became my inspiration to attempt wearing high heels. I was 5’6″ when I was 12… and continued to grow until I was 15 and 5’9″. Literally being a foot taller then all of my friends until junior year of high school was a moment in time I would like to not go back to. I even wore gold Converse to my senior prom while my high school sweet heart wore his Vans, respectively. To me, wearing heels was just out of the questions, that was until I discovered Blake Lively. She helped me come out of my shell and in return I gave my support to watching her as Serena van der Woodsen.

As I watched the series I fell in love with how crazy the wardrobe was. Wether it was a Chuck Bass three piece suit & bow tie, the growth and styling of Dan’s hair, Blair’s iconic headbands (which definitely was a trend for me in college), the jewelry, ball gowns, mens apparel, the list can go on & on for the amount of admiration I have for that Gossip Girl wardrobe. As the series bids adieu tonight, I will always think of the Met steps as a sign of royalty, how love concours all (no matter how crazy it may be ::cough cough:: Chuck & Blair please get engaged already. Dan & Serena just be together ::cough cough::) and how the power of a blog can influence & inspire many many people.

Here are some of my favorite moments in the show. Also, Sum 41’s “With You” will also be one of the best placed tracks in a television show, ever.

blair & serena

blair and chuck

blair black

blake lively dress

chuck bass peach

Hi, Society

dan & serena 2

gossip girl school uniforms

nate & dan

Serena Black Gown

New York, I Love You XOXO



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