Darling Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

I must admit, I am a huge Anglophile. I love everything England and when I studied abroad in London during the summer of 2009 you best believe I was the first one in line when Buckingham Palace opened its doors for tours. I stood outside of the Burberry store and went on a wild goose chase in East London to find the Burberry Outlet. I’ve thrifted in Camden and on Portobello Road. I have faced the Black Friday-esque sales that are always 24 hours in Primark.

The moment my feet graced Harrods and High Street I felt my heart go aflutter, ah! One of the biggest and most exciting moments of my fashion life was attempting to guess who was designing Kate Middleton’s dress for the Royal Wedding. (Drum Roll please…) I was correct that it was by Alexander McQueen.

kate-middleton-bodice-435Now you all MUST know that when I got the CNN alert today about the Royals are now expecting a little one, I jumped for joy in my heels. As my mom always said “This is just so exciting because you never know when the next royal event will happen.” I have become a huge fan of Kate Middleton since her and William began dating. Also when she cutting her bangs last week it may or may not have sealed my decision to do so as well. Regardless, Kate has impeccable taste and I think she just looks absolutely stunning each time she walks outside of her home.






Love this shot of Kate and Diana


Also to add to my Anglo-excitement – Refinery29 LONDON launched today!




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