Dita, Yes please.

There is just something about Burlesque dancers. Maybe its their sparkly outfits, how you just can’t seem to look away during a performance or how they simply are sirens from the Old Hollywood Glamour Days. Whatever it is, I have got to say I drop everything when Dita Von Teese graces a magazine spread or television screen.

Last week the NY Times posted an article titled “The Branding of Dita Von Teese” and you have to step back and really applaud women who create their own empires. (Beyonce, Madonna, etc etc) The article goes on to explain how Ms. Von Teese “is redoubling her efforts to cash in on her notoriety by becoming the latest cult phenomenon to turn her name into a brand.”

With her new line at Decades which sold out in a weekend – this lady has to be doing something correct. She makes heads turn, jaws drop and her clothes – are gorgeous. Let’s take a look at all of her fashion admirers Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier… Those are three men I would like to admire me!

Dita and Christian

Dita and Jean Paul

Dita and Marc

Let’s all say it together Marilyn Manson, eat your heart out.


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