I love the 80’s – Members Only Jackets

To know me is to love me and accept that I am a huge fan of the 80’s. Let’s face it people, this was a decade of pretty awesome fashion statements. Granted not everyone loved shoulder pads – but aren’t they making a come back? From athletic wear to neon colors and dressing up like Madonna… The Calvin Klein ads.. the 80’s kind of had it going on!

Let’s not forget about the birth of MTV, music videos and John Hughes teen dreams. I guess you could say all of this love for the 80’s came about from the VH1 series “I Love the 80’s” and one of my FAVORITE segments was the cast discussing Members Only Jackets. Well, my dad owned a Members Only jacket (there is a photo for proof), but he lost it and I was never able to nab this piece of vintage amazingness.

With history repeating itself – Fab.com has Members Only jackets for sale this week! The price point is discounted with prices starting at $38 and up. Since bomber jackets are a must have for the fall and winter months, why not embrace this 80’s trend for the upcoming holidays? I know I am going to and may possibly buy a jacket for Dad.

For Dad

For me

To watch the full “I love the 80’s” Members Only jacket segment click [here] and FF to 9:20 to get your laugh on. To buy your own Members Only jacket from Fab.com click [here]

Side note: Let’s all clap it up for Darren Criss who always covers 80’s songs on Glee. “Don’t you want me?” – Yeah, I kind of do! I bet he would look boss in a Members Only jacket.

Clothing Images via Fab.com


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