Cya Casual – Welcome #PreppyFriday

Last week I noticed online one of my fellow Temple owls was sporting the hash tag #preppyfriday at a speaking engagement in Philly. I immedialtely thought of one my best friends A over at Just Like A Circus because she ALWAYS says to me

I want to be a hipster, but I know my inner preppy just won’t allow it!

My mind was racing and I decided to dive into my nerdy google searches and try to figure out what exactly Preppy Friday was exactly. I mean it couldn’t all be argyle sweaters and popped collared shirts, right? To my findings, Preppy Friday was started by the 2u offices and carried on by the office in New York City.

#PreppyFriday states “No matter what your prep genre is, just make sure you do what you like and like what you do, because every day should feel this good!” One of the #PreppyFriday founders, Sarah Fudin breaks down the preppy genres:

The Beachy New England Prep: You love you love Nantucket red, navy stripes, sailing (or the illusion of being a sailor), boat shoes, tote bags, ties/belts with critters, and khakis of different colors.

My Desk is Mahogany Prep: Most likely you have a boyish crew cut or you love to wear headbands that make you look like a grown-up about to jump on a school bus for your first day of school. You’re classic, and you never go out of style!

I Live in Brooklyn Prep: Do you put little effort into your wardrobe, but still manage to throw on khakis or jeans rolled up to your ankles and perhaps you’ve dabbled in boat shoes? Do you love plaid shirts… but I’m not talking flannel, I’m talking J.Crew! Your plain colored T-shirts worn out by the sun (or other people owning them first) make you seem lax, but those Ray Bans don’t fool anyone! See you at the Biergarten!

Tuity Fruity: You may love the beach, but you may not be able to decide if you’d rather go to the beach, buy a new sun dress (or bow tie), or sip on a Malibu bay breeze. You love critter shorts, can’t get enough of bright colors, and couldn’t give a hoot about color blocking — bright colors all go together! You look great tailgating at football games and seem to always have the perfect coloring; the sun loves you — cute freckles or flawless color, whatever it is, you’re looking good! See you on your yacht, since I wish I had one!

Thankfully, this puts my mind at ease. I am a cross between the “Brooklyn Prep” and “Mahogany Prep”. Maybe I can be the I live in Brooklyn and own a desk that’s Mahogany Prep? 

To check out Sarah’s full article click [here]. Also – be sure to participate in #preppyfriday next week and follow the team @PreppyFriday on Twitter!


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