Favorite Fashion Links – A Recap on the Week

Just like any admirer of style, a girl has to keep up to date with all of her favorite blogs. Any time I get new interns into the office, I always make sure that they know about Google Reader, since that is what one of my past internship bosses did for me. Everyday at work I make sure that I keep up with the content that is being updated on some of my favorite national and local blogs.


The Target x Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection I have been waiting for December 1st since I moved 1.5 blocks away from my local Target. The announcement that the CFDA was going to be releasing 24 members’ lines at Target was the jingle my pocketbook had been waiting for. MTV Style highlights their five favorite items that they feel everyone should swipe with the debut NM collection. If I didn’t already have a bicycle, I would absolutely go for the Alice + Olivia Bike that they have listed. Instead, the Band of Horses beanies are perfect for me and my best friend K.

Do French Girls Really Do Beauty Better? C’est vrai! A fun fact about getting to know me is that I come from a long lineage of French women. Though I used to stare at all of the beauty regimens my mother (French) and Abuelita (Spanish grandmother, married a frenchman) did and I thought their tedious tasks regarding their skin was way too long, they are in fact, doing it right! From my family members, to my dear friend Aude in Paris and meeting Garance Doré over the weekend, French women know what they are talking about when it comes to beauty. They have a simple elegance about how they look, they care about the piece and how it makes them feel versus the label. This article by Refinery 29 highlights three French women and their guide to beauty.

#ItList: Tech Girls I want to thank each any every one of these women who were able to launch start up tech companies and bring the world of fashion to my mobile device. Nylon Magazine online features the It Girls from Foursquare, Instagram, KickStarter, and Rent The Runway. Their jobs are inspiring and has taught me to always make sure I keep up to date on the latest tech trends that will help me with my own jobs.

New Start Up Fohr Card Aims to Bring Bloggers and Brands Together Following the last link about tech and start ups, Fohr Card is a new start up that is being launched by former Tumblr fashion director, Rich Tong, Holly Stair and James Nord. Calling all style bloggers look at this article by Fashionista and sign up for Fohr Card at their website. (There is a wait, so I would sign up now)

The Sartorialist Book Signing in Philadelphia One of the sponsors with bringing The Sartorialist and Garance to Philadelphia was The Brooklyn Circus. The company blog does a great recap of their stay in the City of Brotherly love. Photos from The Hotel Monaco, COOK and The Barnes Foundation are all show in this recap. Yours truly was given a little shout out too!

Visting Anne Klein // Philadelphia One of my favorite local bloggers, Chaucee is the editor and founder of Streets and Stripes. I was able to hear Chaucee speak at a Philly Tech Week Panel and I immediately started following all of her blogs, photos and elegant styles that highlight Philly. This week, Streets and Stripes takes you to the new Anne Klein flagship store on Walnut Street. I will be making a stop this store soon.


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