Costume Design Galore at Eastern State Penitentiary

Last night, I was able to attend a behind the scenes tour of the annual Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary with one of the professional organizations that I am involved with in my 5pm-9pm life. Silly me thought the entire event was only going on the behind the scenes tour, I forgot until my friend told me “No, we’re actually doing Terror Behind the Walls!” Needless to say, I survived, twice though is enough for me.

After TBTW, Ellen Feist, Director of Marketing at Eastern State Penitentiary, led us back to see the make up department and the costume design room for Eastern State Penitentiary’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The lead make up artist stated that every night 2 hours prior to TBTW, their staff of 15 make up artists have to make sure that 200 employees get their make up done before the “curtain rises”. Depending on what each employee’s role is each has 5-15 minutes in the chair for makeup.

Next we saw the costume design department where we learned that all of the costume brainstorming and design begins in June of each year! Around 400 costumes are made for TBTW and 200 costumes go out each night while the event is going on. The day to day of the costume department currently is resewing and fixing costumes depending on the wear and tear from the night before. I guess that if an employee is REALLY GOOD at scaring the pants off you in line, their costume must need a little love at the end of the day.

After TBTW, I began my research on costume design and what are really some of the best costumes in Hollywood. I mean, there is after all, a Golden Globe and Oscar given out for Best Costume Design. From an article on CinemaBlend, they ranked the 20 Best Super Hero Costumes. Two of my favorite costumes did make the list:

Batman from The Dark Knight

Black Widow from The Avengers

For everyone who enjoys scary movies, let’s not forget about The Crow

If super heros aren’t your fancy, here is another article from Time has a photo gallery of The Movies Best-Loved Costumes. Here are a few of my favorites:

Annie Hall

Moulin Rouge

Queen Elizabeth

I really admire all of the costumes in the Best Movies by Time article, but you should definitely take a peak for yourself! If you need any Halloween costume idea, my favorite unique costumes can be found in this article by Refinery29 (They give a shout out to Azealia Banks! ) Also TBTW at Eastern State Penitentiary is open Tuesday – Sunday evenings until mid-November. Click [here] to buy your tickets.


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