Scott, Garance, The Barnes Foundation… Oh my!

If you weren’t able to see my previous post or constant social media updates, yesterday was quite the social gathering at The Barnes. Scott Schuman AKA The Sartorialist arrived in Philadelphia with his girlfriend (the beautiful) Garance Doré. It was the second time to Philadelphia for Scott and the first for Garance, but the City of Brotherly Love was dressed to the nines for his public book signing of his new book Closer. I was able to go to the site visit for the book signing and let me tell you, when tickets are actually available for The Barnes, GO!

Entrance of The Barnes

Gardens outside of the museum.

The entire event was held in Annenberg Court with huge sponsors and gifts from The Barnes, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism & Marketing Corporation, Philadelphia Retail Marketing Alliance, Philadelphia Magazine, The Brooklyn Circus, and Skai Blue Media. Though I was onsite at 3:30pm for work, fans of Mr. Schuman’s began to line up at 4:15pm! The book signing was a huge success with over 200 books sold at The Barnes book store and around 150-200 fans came with Scott’s first book. I would have to say one of my favorite moments was seeing all of the dedicated fashion fanatics in Philadelphia coming to meet one of their favorite photographers. One woman was from DC and came all the way up to The Barnes with both Sartorialist books to meet S&G!

My favorite part of the day was meeting Scott and Garance prior to the event, but I guess that’s the perk of working on production with talent, FINALLY getting to meet them! The duo was down to earth and excited to roam the galleries before the signing. Two highlights was walking up to meet Scott & Garance and say “Bonjour” which my boss and Ouigi of The Brooklyn Circus got a good laugh about. The second was finding Garance in The Barnes book store looking for a present to surprise Scott with.

(That’s amore!)

To purchase Closer click [here]

The Sartorialist | Garance Doré


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