DSW – Double Style event Wednesday

Yesterday, was not quite what I had expected at work. The first event that happened yesterday was a press conference for PNC Arts Alive and the Come See About Me exhibit that will be opening in January 2013.

Have you heard of The Supremes? Well Mary Wilson, one of the du-wop goddesses of the almighty trio The Supremes is gracing Philadelphia with all of her gowns. The Come See About Me exhibit will be at the African American Museum of Philadelphia opening on 1.24.13. Mary Wilson’s gowns were amazing to see up close, the bead work is what I was admiring the most.

I also had a Stanley Tucci moment a la “Devil Wears Prada”. One of our interns is a HUGE Supremes fan, but she didn’t have the “all black attire” that was the dress code for working the press conference. I ran around our showroom to find her an all black outfit. In the end, we made her wish come true and Mollie got to meet Mary Wilson.

Next up was the unveiling of Erdon, formally known as Primadonna. The owner, Donna, who has been running the business since 1992 (Happy 20th!) officially announced that she has made her son Eric part owner and renamed the store Erdon as a combination of both there names.

Unlike retail stores in Philadelphia, Erdon has a gallery like feel which gives a shopper, TONS of room to roam and look at each designer. Donna and Eric travel twice a year to Paris to find new designers and buy for the store (See everyone, NJ does have upscale fashion). In-between wrangling media interviews, I was able to chat with Donna about her recent trip to Paris. She claimed that since the Erdon duo is so busy with market appointments and buying that she has never even seen the Louvre! I am a travel junkie as much as the next person, I told her extending her trip to Paris in the Spring to see the sights will be worth it.

I fell in love with this jewelry display.

Erdon is located at 6001 Lincoln Drive W #2 Marlton, NJ.

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