Street Art Admiring, Let’s Get the Biggest Mural in the USA!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, correct? Well, one of my favorite local bloggers, Streets Dept, is a man on a mission. I have always admired Streets Dept because back in my interning days, time would stop and I would click away at every new volume of Apartment Complex. Now I make sure to follow all of Streets Dept’s blog posts as he captures the PDA (public displays of ART) in Philadelphia.

Now, Conrad Benner, the man behind the lens, is working hard to get signatures for his petition to have a mural placed on the back of the PSFS building in Center City Philadelphia.

Fun fact: Did you know Philadelphia has the most public murals in AMERICA? So we have the most public murals, but now we need to have the biggest mural! We are the birth place of America, so why not have the biggest mural in all the land as well. (I’m sure our forefathers would be pretty happy.)

SIGN THE PETITION, I plan on doing it today.

To read Streets Dept’s full blog post on his petition click [here]. To check out his full website, which you should, click [here]


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