Makin Bank$

I must confess… I did not listen to hip-hop until I went to college. Going to school in the City of Brotherly Love opened my eyes to literally Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye, and many many Billboard artists. Its been a learning curve let me tell you because all I had ever know was pop punk and indie rock. However, I promise this tangent is going somewhere. Over the summer, I noticed Azealia Banks (thank you Elle Magazine) and actually, who didn’t notice her this summer?

With the drop of her “1991” EP, Banks has been taking over the airways and runway. Literally. I’ve seen her pop up all over MTV Style and was featured as a DIY Halloween costume to be from Refinery 29. I had to find out more about this girl, her fierce lyrics and outfits. To my delight, Banks was featured on the remix of Lana Del Rey’s song “Blue Jeans”, which I shamelessly listened to many times.

What do you think of the ladies style in hip-hop? Who is your favorite artist?


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