Dress Pants

I would have let this post remain until Monday (attempting to figure out a balanced posting schedule), but first rule of writing: Always write something that is timely. Yesterday morning when I was going through my Google Reader (huge fan) I scrolled through a post about Emma Watson.

::Drum Roll Please::

Watson has been described as “an English rose” one of the biggest compliments the Brits can call a young lady. I have always admired her style evolution and she has come such a long way (or broom ride) away from her Hermione Granger days.

I’ve followed it all. Her bold choices for movie premieres, landing her Lancome campaign and her dramatic pixie cut. When I studied abroad in London I would walk High Street looking in the Burberry window displays admiring every back drop she was in. I thought “How can I have awesome style like her?” She always continues to wow me and of course people watchers every where.



Emma and Daniel Radcliffe at the “Deathly Hallows” Part I Premiere in London

In her latest movie, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Emma stepped out in a new trend for Fall 2012. Wearing a dress over pants! When I first read about the trend, I thought “Hmm… I think I may have done that trend as a child, of course I was in mix patched striped pants and a printed dress” I was intrigued to see how all of this goes red carpet style 2.o

At the London premiere of “Perks” Emma stepped out in a simple black cocktail dress over a pair of simple black dress pants. Really everyone, this 90’s trend is just that simple! I believe MTV Style said it best “Maybe it’s monochrome, maybe it’s the pumps, or maybe it’s because Emma Watson just oozes class, period, but the result is a decidedly polished version of the grungy staple.”

Is the dress over pants look just that simple? I will be thinking about how I can pull this off …

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